I have definitely been suffering from both crafting ADD and blog ADD. I can’t decide on a design, and have been flitting back and forth between several templates, header styles, and colors. Choices, choices!

In sewing news, Boyfriend Smashknits and I have a wedding to attend next Saturday and I’ve yet to start the dress I wanted to make. I might be going in a different direction, with a different Cynthia Rowley pattern, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

I did manage to pop into Fabricland last night, and while I went there to grab a few of their Simplicity patterns that were on sale for $2.99, I came out with much more. Everything was on sale, what’s a girl to do? I’ve been trying to choose fabric that will allow me to make some staples for Me Made May and beyond, so that’s why I went with the black striped linen. I’m thinking a nice short-sleeved blouse, maybe a circle skirt. It was $16.00/m and 70% off, so I think I did well! The coral splash cotton lawn is soooooo soft, and I imagine it would be very comfortable as a tunic or sundress. Or both? It was $6.00/m after the 50% discount… a little more than I would have liked to spend, but I am obsessed with the color so I couldn’t pass it up!

Now to find the time to get all of these projects started! I’ve been following several bloggers in their Me Made March adventures and I am so excited to join in the fun in a few short months. I’ve definitely had a chance to get inspired, and the month is only a third finished.

Happy sewing!


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