MMJ: Day Three

Happy Friday, everyone! Since it’s the end of the week for most people, today’s outfit is somewhat dressed down. It’s also my first “refashion” of the month. I took an old navy tank top that basically had been sitting in my dresser since the day I bought it, and gave it new life. Following a tutorial by Ali Foster – great sewing patterns by this girl, by the way – I used some striped quilting cotton to create a nautical-esque collar. While I’m happy with the outcome and think it adds punch to an otherwise boring top, I’d be interesting in trying this again, and instead of pleating the collar, I’d gather it around the neckline. Food for thought!

Places visited: Work

Main activities: Sitting at a computer (again! – I’m dying to either be outside in the sun or at home in front of the ol’ machine!)

Number of times I have worn this top: First time.

Wear again? It needs a few tweaks, but I think I’ll wear it again. It’d look cute with white shorts.


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