MMJ: Day Six

Today was a bit of a challenge for me, in more ways than one! Last night as I was finishing up the item I’d planned to wear today, my sewing machine went kaput. After spending hours hunched over it trying to figure out what was wrong, I went to the forums to ask all the great people participating in MMJ for help. Consensus is the timing is out and my poor Kenmore Ultra Stitch is in dire need of servicing. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to be without a machine for two weeks, so this morning after my 6:30 am boot camp, I high-tailed it to my Mum’s to dig the “back-up” machine out of the basement. After getting home from 4 hours on the golf course, I’m happy to report I’m back up and running, and was able to finish my shirt and get a couple of hours of wear in this evening!

As my “me made” wardrobe is still in its infancy, I don’t have any active-wear sewn. And I’m an active girl! Using a tank I already have and love from Joe Fresh as my template, I drafted today’s item. It’s only my second time sewing with knits, and first attempt free-forming a pattern…

Interestingly enough, I had just read this blog posting about double needles (did you know you can use them on a regular machine?!) in order to do straight stitch on knit fabric. When I looked at the template tank I was using, lo and behold there were double straight stitches! I’d never noticed before. I will definitely be looking into acquiring some – they make the hems on knit garments look so finished.

The goods:
Tank– Me Made!
Crop capris – Lululemon
Headband – Me Made! – yes, it matches the tank :)
Sunglasses – Nine West

Hours worn: 4 hours

Places visited: Beach volleyball courts, restaurant for drinks afterwards

Main activities: Diving around in the sand

Number of times I have worn this dress: This baby is fresh off the machine!

Wear again? Yes! I’m so pleased this shirt worked out. It fits great, and stood up to rolling around in the sand and getting sweaty without looking worse for the wear. Best part about it? The boyfriend said “wow, that really doesn’t look homemade at all”. Success!


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