MMJ: Day Eight

I’m happy to report that I am officially back in action thanks to a 35 year old Eaton Viking CONI industrial-esque machine I pinched from my Mum’s house. Unfortunately, there is no manual for it, nor any attachments, so this is a temporary fix. I’ve scoured the internet for a manual I can download, to no avail. So this Friday I will be setting up shop with a brand new machine that my boyfriend’s Mum has been kind enough to lend me. It will be my first time using a machine that isn’t older than me, so I’m pretty excited at the prospect!

I have mixed feelings about the me made item I’m wearing today. On the plus side, I love the vibrant watercolor style of this voile fabric and think that it’s a great summer top. I know it will be versatile and ideally I will get a lot of wear out of it. I am also very pleased with my first attempt at French seams. As the French say, “c’est l’amour”!! I know I will be finishing as many garments as possible in this manner from now on. The small amount of extra time they take is definitely worth the end result: neat and tidy seams and hems without a serger and nary a stray thread in sight!

On the downside, I find that the pattern to this particular top frustrates me. The armholes when finished are very small in comparison to the rest of the top, so they dig in. The drape when wearing a belt is a little off, so instead of falling flat, the bottom portion of the top poofs out  – I suppose because the fabric is so lightweight. Additionally, the directions to add the twisted sleeve option are a little unclear, and I spent a solid 45 minutes trying to get the sleeves to lie the way they looked in the pattern photo, to no avail. So, I scrapped them for now and may go back to them later. They would have bunched under a cardi or jacket, anyways :)

The goods:
Tank top – Cynthia Rowley 2587
Skinny jeans – Smart Set
Ballet flats – Alfred Sung (missing in action for the photo)
Belt – thrifted
Necklace and bracelet – Reitman’s

Hours worn:
11 hours

Places visited: Work, restaurant for sushi lunch, step-brother’s Sweet Sixteen birthday dinner

Main activities: Work, work, work, hanging out with the family.

Number of times I have worn this item: First time.

Wear again? Not sure yet. I might have to put it on a time out for a little bit and go back to it later on in the month. After looking at the photo I also realized how ill fitting my pants are! I thought I could get away with it, but they’re definitely too big. I have to hitch them up every five minutes and the result is a lot of extra bunched fabric around the crotch… not attractive! :) Alas.


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