MMJ: Day Ten – (re)Fashion Friday Round Two!

Today’s refashion turned out great! I was inspired by two looks I’m really liking right now: paper bag skirts, as well as any and everything madras print.

So I went on the hunt at Value Village to find a men’s shirt that I could turn into a skirt. I lucked out and found a Ralph Lauren collared shirt for a whopping 5 dollars. I cut off the shirt at the armpits, and went to town. In the process of construction I decided to skip out on the paper waist, and created a button tab waistband instead. Now I can undo the top and second top buttons, slide it on, and away I go! The rest of the buttons have been sewn shut so there’s no embarrassing ‘flashing the crowd” moments.

The goods:
Skirt – Me Made (refashioned) men’s dress shirt
Embellished tee – Joe Fresh
Suede sandals – Franco Sarto (haven’t worn these bad boys in YEARS!)
Belt – Ardene’s

Hours worn:
10 hours

Places visited: Hanging around home, walk around the neighborhood with the dog, dinner with the boyfriend, wine and hockey with friends.

Main activities: See above. Lazy day :)

Wear again? Yes! The waistband ended up being a little snugger than I anticipated, but that’s easily solved by wearing the skirt a little higher. Not only that, but it’s motivation to continue working out!


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