MMJ: Day Eleven – Sally Ann Saturday Round Two

Its is an absolutely gorgeous day out as I write this and I’d love nothing more than to be outside enjoying the sunshine, but I’m stuck at work. Looking back over my posts so far this month, I seem to have been working a lot. Here’s hoping for a few slow days off next week!

I did manage to get outside for a short while today in the form of a walk at the dog park… which ended a little bit differently than I would have liked. Today’s item is thrifted and altered in keeping with my plans for Sally Ann Saturdays; I purchased a maxi sundress in size XXL, took in the bodice, shortened the straps, and cut about 5″ off the length to shorten it to tea level. All in all I was very pleased with the end result and think this will be a great dress for summer. Unfortunately while at the park, a certain someone decided to muck about in a mud puddle, and then shake herself off directly in front of me. Which means the dress is now sitting at home soaking in Spray and Wash, and I had to hose myself down due to being covered in mud. NOT impressed, but what can you do? Dogs will be dogs!

The goods:
Dress – Thrifted and altered
Belt – Me Made!
Ballet flats – Alfred Sung (covered in mud nonetheless)
Necklace – Reitmans

Hours worn: 2.5

Places visited: Home, dog park.

Main activities: Getting splashed with mud!

Wear again? Absolutely. I love the 50’s feel of this dress when worn with a belt. I think I’lll make one in yellow, maybe with a sash in the back, to give it a splash of color.


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