MMJ: Day Fourteen

I am not in love with today’s outfit – just putting it out there! Initially I had planned to wear a skirt today in order to change things up a little, however it proved to be just a little too short to wear to work. It has finally happened – I’m coming to the end of my finished pieces, so I may have to start recycling items next week. 16 days to go!

This top is similar to the shirt I wore here, the only difference is the neckline detail. I used vintage fabric (+20 years old!) that was gifted to me. I really like the floral print, and it’s very popular right now! However, the shirt just didn’t turn out the way I had envisioned it… might have another go at the fabric and whip up a Sorbetto… haven’t decided yet! I also didn’t do French seams on this one and now that I’ve done them, anything with ragged seaming just turns me off. The dorky stance I’m sporting in the photo doesn’t help. I just feel it looks a wee bit frumpy, but that could also be due to what I paired the shirt with. Officially my first day of Me Made June when I’m feeling “ehn”. Lesson learned. Tomorrow will be better!

The goods:
Blouse – Me Made! from Cynthia Rowley 2593
Jean capris – Reitmans
Vest – Old Navy
Belt – Ardene’s
Necklace – Vintage
Sandals – Victoria’s Secret

Hours worn:

Places visited: Work.

Main activities: Working … man, I’m getting boring! :)

Wear again? This is my third time wearing this shirt and every time I pull it out of the closet, I frown. I think it might be put in the Salvation Army pile after MMJ is finito. Can’t win them all! :)


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