MMJ: Day Fifteen

It’s dreary outside today! The past couple of days have been very humid and muggy and I think the weather has gotten to me a little bit. Wasn’t feeling particularly motivated today, so it’s time for another semi-cheat.

No sewn items in today’s outfit. But, there is still a handmade touch! Since I love wearing scarves I thought it was high time I had a crochet one that was worthy of summer. Using a pattern I found over at Aesthetic Nest and some Lion Brand Cotton Ease in a nice dove grey, I whipped this swirly scarf up in a few evenings. I’m also sporting the resin cabuchon earrings I first wore here.

A little note about today’s photo – I’m aware it’s not the greatest, and the angle of the sunlight on my face makes me look as though half my face has never seen the sun. Forgot to get the boyfriend to take the requisite daily photo before I left for work :) I’ll try to get some better snaps tomorrow!

The goods:
Sleeveless blouse – Old Navy
Mini cardi – Le Chateau
Earrings – Me Made!
Crochet scarf – Me Made!
Jeans – Warehouse One

Hours worn:

Places visited: Work. Last day! Four day weekend, here I come! Finally I’ll be out and about again.

Main activities: Working …

Wear again? Definitely. Probably make another one… I’m thinking yellow!


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