MMJ: Days 16 – 19

I know, I know! I’ve missed the last four days. However I’m back in action today, so there will be another post later on with a new ensemble. It’s a refashion, but I had to dive back in somehow! Sewn items coming tomorrow :)

The past four days were very busy – I was gearing up for the half marathon I participated in on Father’s Day, and as a result spent much of the weekend in workout clothes and nothing handmade. If I had more pieces finished at the start of the month I think I would have been able to tough it out over the weekend, but this wasn’t the case. A little bit of a break was nice, I’m not going to lie – and now I’m back at it and looking forward to finishing out the month!

In the interim, I’ll leave you with this: I finished my half in 2:24, shaving 8 1/2 minutes off of my Personal Record! Had a lovely Father’s Day brunch with my Pops, brothers and boyfriend, and all in all enjoyed a sunny Sunday!


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