Me Made June recap and summer’s slipping away!

I can’t believe that I’ve only just sat down to write this and it’s already August seventeenth. This summer has completely gotten away from me! Feels like just yesterday it was the start of June and I was hunched over my machine frantically trying to finish a few pieces for Me Made June. I’m long overdue for a recap (I learned a LOT), and wanted to share what’s on tap next for Smash Knits.

Me Made June:
– While I really enjoyed my first attempt at wearing self-stitched clothes every day, I did feel rushed. Given that I was also in heavy training for a half marathon, it was a lot to take on at the same time.

– I’ve come to the realization that while I’m drawn to bright prints and floral fabrics, I need to sew more staples in basic colors (black skirts, neutral jackets/tees, basic pants). They go a lot further in a wardrobe!

– Sewing when rushed is almost always bound to result in disaster. Next year I’d like to start well enough in advance (as in, January 1st), so that I don’t have to be sewing anything more than an accessory or two during the challenge.

– I’d like to home my skills when it comes to detailling; topstitching, darts, pintucks, and other ornamental/functional components of sewing.

– I’d also like to try my hand at a few indie patterns, namely from Colette, and Sewaholic.

All in all, great experience, learned a lot, and will most certainly be better prepared for next year! I will be skipping out on Self Stitched September because…

Boyfriend Smash Knits and I bought a house! Needless to say, for the next unforseeable time frame, my  blood, sweat and tears will be put into touching it up, and really making it ours. I’m SO excited! Lots of projects are already filling up my “TO DO” queue, so I definitely won’t be bored this winter! Absolutely giddy at the prospect of having my own garden and fresh veggies next summer. Too bad it’s 10 months away :) To top it off, we made the house purchase when I was out of town with girlfriends traveling in Canada’s beautiful Okanagan. Crazy to think that you can now buy a house by fax/email/phone, but hey, it worked for us!

Smash Knits:
I’m in the process of lining up a few craft sales for this fall/winter season. You can check out confirmed dates here.

I’ve decided to stick with smaller pieces this year, so you will see a lot of knit and crochet beanies with flower brooches,  braided and jersey headbands (think Lululemon), zippered clutches, and a little bit of jewelry in the form of those darling resin flower earrings. I’m hoping to get these items uploaded into my Etsy shop sooner rather than later as well, but it will all depend on how things go with the house and big move!

Here’s a few snaps from my trip, and I promise not to be so long in between posts again. At least, I’ll try not to be.

View From Bear Trail

Wine Tour!


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