Progress is being made!

Great news! I should be up and running in my *new* sewing studio by the end of this week. Boyfriend Smash and I were very busy this past weekend getting our hands dirty drywalling; mudding, sanding, and even trying our hands at a little taping. We also managed to cut and install some linoleum flooring, so the room is really coming together! On the agenda for this week; priming, painting, re-installing the drop ceiling and baseboards. The verdict is out on how skilled we are – my brother the master drywall taper will be over this evening to critique our work. One thing that I am really loving about owning a home that requires some TLC andĀ upgrades is all the skills we are learning. Nothing wrong with knowing how to wield a drywall spatula or a screwdriver!

I managed to put in a little time in the garden, but still have a lot of work ahead of me before the frost hits; the previous owners left behind a ton of Tiger and Oriental lilies that need to be dug out. Unfortunately, the roots are everywhere, so I have hours left. Fortunately the weather has been gorgeous so sitting outside in the evening for a few hours weeding isn’t tough to do!

Despite all the construction going on in our home, I was able to dig out my trusty Viking and get some sewing done! FINALLY! Nothing fancy, but I finished up some valences/cafe curtains I had on standby for the kitchen. It’s so satisfying to whip up a quick project and have a completed item in your hands after a few minutes. Covered in drywall dust, sewing at a table surrounded by boxes to boot! Behold, my upcycled living room curtains:

Another item I was able to complete is something I use quite frequently; my travelling/camping pillowcase. It’s vintage, no big deal. It needed some mending as I’ve been hauling it around for almost two decades! Cute story about this pillowcase: on my first out of town trip with Boyfriend Smash, we discovered that we both had a penchant for superhero pillowcases, having each brought one. If that isn’t a sign that we’re meant to be together, then I don’t know what is :)


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