Time Management and Project Lists

I’m a list person. At least, in theory I am. I love making them, and daydream about methodically checking things off one by one. But sometimes, what starts out as a well-intentioned plan to work my way down a list ends abruptly when something else diverts my attention. Such as adding another project. Or five. The important thing is, I keep making ’em, and I know one day I’ll get through them!

This post was sparked after reading a couple of recent entries by other sewing bloggers. Lladybird wrote a post about planning her fall sewing. Genius! While I definitely missed the boat on sewing for fall this year due to our big move, I can use her suggestions for planning my winter and spring 2012 sewing. I love the swatch chart she worked up and will definitely be following suit. In the interim, I read another post this week that gave me pause and caused me to think about planning my future projects in a different way.

Tasia over at Sewaholic always has wonderful posts, and recently she wrote about sewing out of season. I loved this entry for the mere fact that just last week I was lamenting on Facebook about wishing I had knit and crocheted more over the summer. Fall is upon us, the days are getting cooler, and I’m really wishing I had some cozy scarves and mittens on hand. Since that probably won’t happen now, why not get a jump-start on next summer’s sewing? Instead of rushing to finish projects in order to be able to wear them in season, I can take my time and work at a few pieces leisurely. And so, it’s been decided: my project list for the months to come will most certainly include several sundresses and skirts, even though we’ll be knee deep in snow. Both the Honey Girl Dress and the Sunny Day Dress patterns…

 have been burning a hole in my bookcase (so to speak) for a few months, so why not start them now? As soon as the studio is finished, and Christmas gifts are completed, that is :)


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