Quick Projects = Instant Gratification

While my previous post was about planned projects, organized sewing, and the benefits of stitching out of season, this post veers to the other end of the spectrum.  I have come to realize that I really enjoy interspersing my longer clothing projects with small, quickie items. These are not only a break from more involved pattern reading and construction, but allow for instant gratification in a time crunch. And who isn’t all about instant gratification in today’s society? :) This revelation was confirmed after reading Tasia from Sewaholic’s post asking “how do you make time to sew?”. Excellent question, and it sparked a lot of interesting replies from her readers all around the world. The general consensus was that you need to be passionate about your hobbies in order to make time for them, and I couldn’t agree more! I get antsy when I haven’t had time to work on my projects. Because I don’t always have hours on end to sit down and complete something start to finish, having a couple of small side projects at the ready means I can feel productive and accomplished in a short period of time.

Point in case: I whipped up this scarf in a couple of hours one evening (while watching a 9/11 Tribute documentary and sobbing, go figure).  It’s nice to be able to toss this on now that the weather is getting cool without having spent hours on end working on it. Sometimes, simplicity pays!

Next up on my list of quick interim projects: Jamie Christina’s Hooded Scarf. I’m a big fan of her patterns, and this one is no exception.

I’m very excited to cut into the fabric I’ve got lined up for my scarf; a gorgeous charcoal grey Melton wool blend for the exterior & a soft purple/ black/grey flannel plaid for the lining. YUM! *Update* It took me thirty short minutes to cut out the pieces and read over the instructions. I estimate it will take about an hour to sew from start to finish, so I look forward to the next spare hour I have in my day!

I also have plans to make the Dalliance gloves out of my leftovers… because matchy-matchy can be cool!

Over in the crochet basket, I’ve got the yarn picked out to whip up these bad boys over the next week or so:

If I could have managed to find time to complete a coat or jacket, I would have had the perfect trifecta of Fall items. Sadly, I realize I should have started in January of 2011 :)


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