After staring long and hard at the mass that is my scrap collection, I went on the hunt for quick and clever projects to bookmark. Hopefully (fingers crossed!) I will visit them frequently over the winter in an attempt to diminish said stash. Here’s my top ten (thus far):

10) Potholders: the name says it all. You never can have enough potholders, trivets, coasters, etc…

9) Lavender eye pillows: nice to have on hand for a variety of uses, and great last minute gifts (with or without the lavender).

8) Fall pillows: I’ve had this on my “To Do” list for a couple of years now, but I’ve never gotten around to picking out a color palette. Hopefully this winter, for next fall :)

7) Tea wallets: I’m a tea addict, and several of my friends are too. ‘Nuff said.

6) Can’t have a cuppa without a mug rug:

6) Mini quilts (does this make me an old lady??): I’m in love with books and bunting, so these two are absolutely on my hit list.

5) Quilted coasters: another awesome gift.

4)  Kitschy wire hangers. I’d like to see them make a comeback.

3) Fabric insoles: a little love for all my strappy shoes and heels.

2) Swatch portraits: My favorite scraps = wall feature in sewing studio:

1) More bunting: AAAAAAH! :)


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