As part of the renovations Boyfriend Smash and I are conducting in our new house, we plan on moving all of our current upstairs furniture into the basement “man cave” / rec room. As a result I will have an empty front room to fill on a shoestring budget. I plan on creating an informal sitting room. Think comfy chairs, big coffee table, lots of bookcases and wall displays. Challenging? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely!

I have already started the hunt for furniture that needs revamping/a lil’ TLC. Kijiji has been my go-to source currently since we are a little bit past garage sale season, and so far my search has been fruitful! My fingers are crossed that the weather stays favorable for a few more weeks, because our garage is now currently full of several pieces of furniture that I need to sand down, prime and paint / stain. To date, I’ve spent a whopping $75.00, and I’ve landed myself with:

– Two mission-style chairs, solid wood, GREAT condition. I could even leave them as is, but I’d like to see them in a darker stain. The cushions are a complete throwback to the ’70s (and a lil’ basement musty smelling), so those will be used solely for measurement purposes and I’ll recreate some new ones, courtesy of some clearance upholstery fabric from my LFS. More on that later!

– A fantastic pedestal table. Again, this was in great condition, a little worn on top, but could have been used as is. I decided to paint in black while allowing a little bit of the wood grain to show through and voila! End table / plant stand. Boyfriend Smash’s love fern enjoys his new perch very much. I’ll be sharing some photos of the new and improved table in the next little while.

– A solid (read: HEAVY!) wooden dresser with great bones. The paint used on this previously is proving tedious to take off, but patience is a virtue I’m told. I’m planning on painting this one as there’s not a lot of wood grain to speak of, and removing a couple of drawers / adding shelves to transform  it into a credenza for our dining room. New handles will help modernize it. It’ll be a great display area for all the pretty wine glasses and serving platters I like to hoard collect.

– The final piece, the pièce de résistance: A legit 1950’s telephone table! Again, a little beat up, but nothing some sanding and paint can’t take care of! I’ve removed the seat cushion and that will promptly be getting re-upholstered in a nice modern and bold print I have on hand. New handles for this bad boy too!

I’ve got two bookcases I just picked up (both for under $30.00), which will require some creative finishing as they’re melamine. Otherwise, the only item outstanding is a coffee table and the room is complete!

Total cost? Under $200.00. Ohhhh, yeah :) And who said you couldn’t have Christmas in October?


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