Carefree Cowl Knitalong with luvinthemummyhood/nook.

I’m taking a break from my furniture revamping rampage to join in on the fun…
Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood is hosting a Cowl Knitalong (KAL) with Rebecca from nook. and there are just too many fantastic patterns out there not to participate! Not to mention, I haven’t made anything for myself amidst all of my craft sale preparation and house projects, so this will be a nice commercial break!

I’m narrowing down my choice to one of the below options (so hard to choose just one!), and I’ll pick out my yarn Monday. Then I’ve got to get cracking – deadline is November 9th! :)

Gaptastic CowlGaptastic Cowl

L) Marian                     R) Rae

Stockholm Scarf

A Thousand Splendid Suns

                                                   Simple Cowl

Maybe I’ll just have to do one of each? Ahhh, how nice that would be :)


2 thoughts on “Carefree Cowl Knitalong with luvinthemummyhood/nook.

  1. Love the first grey one and the burgundy one, are there any REALLY easy ones for newbies? Have found some LUSH chunky yarn and need to justify a purchase :)

    Best wishes


    • Billie,

      If you haven’t already, check out Ravelry! It’s free to join and it’s a treasure chest full of patterns for any and everything your heart desires! I know what you mean about having to justify spending extra cash on yarn… it’s just so hard not to when you’ve found something truly delicious! Cheers.

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