Dingy & Dated to Fresh & Modern

In keeping with my series of furniture refinishing, here’s the second piece I’d like to share! I wanted to complete this telephone table as quickly as possible because the weather is declining and I can officially no longer work in our garage. Bummer! The Boyfriend mentioned recently that I have a love affair with spray paint… while I do tend to use it a lot, I’d say it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I love that it’s so easy and when used properly can provide a quick and fabulous facelift to almost anything.  I do NOT love that it’s bad for the environment, not easy to dispose of and just all around probably not very healthy. As a result, for the remainder of my furniture refinishes, I’m setting up shop in the basement and moving to stain/paint in an attempt to be a little more eco-conscious. Full disclosure: it’s also because there’ll be no more spray painting until spring (weather permitting), and we all know that won’t suffice!


This was a quick refinish. I sanded down the original stain (most of it, anyhow), and then repainted the entire piece with a satin finish black.

Initially, I wanted to remove the drawer handles and replace them with newer, more modern ones, but this proved very difficult and would have resulted in damaging the front facings.  I settled for simply painting the knob portions a brassy color, and leaving the placket that is attached to the drawer and doors black.

I reupholstered the dingy cushion with some leftover fabric I had from these curtains – you’ll probably see more of this fabric as my projects progress, I’m obsesessed with it! Finally, I lined the drawer with the same fabric as the cushion. Toss in a basket to act as a catch-all (for my knitting!), add a well-placed vase, and we’ve got a great addition to our living room.

Total cost: $20.00 table + $5.25 spray paint = $25.25

Not too shabby at all.

** If you’ve spotted the missing door pull on one of the doors, it’s since been replaced, and they’ve all been painted pewter to make them POP! **


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