I Resolve …

Happy New Years, everyone!

I thought I’d start 2012 off with a bang and dive right into things with a lofty list of my *hopeful* sewing accomplishments for the year ahead. I’ve already decided to break one of my resolutions, here’s crossing my fingers I stick to the rest. :)

– Re-read and complete all five patterns from The Collette Pattern Handbook. Great foundation for a non-RTW wardrobe.

– Sew two clothing items a month. Items that will be functionable, fun, and wearable with what’s in my closet! While this may seem like a lot, I am fortunate enough to have 4 and 5 days off at a time, so I know that with careful planning and dedication, I can accomplish this. The thought of the end result makes me drool: 24 new additions to my wardrobe, perfectly tailored to moi!

– Be a selfish seamstress/knitter, and make items only for myself for a change (A few friends are expecting, so both you and I know this will not happen! Alas).

– Pay attention to the details and don’t scrimp on finishing touches.

– Maintain a tidy sewing studio. So much easier and more enjoyable to walk in and be able to sit down and get started without digging through clutter.

– Participate in at least one online sew-a-long. This is lined up already – The Minoru Jacket Sew-a-long over at Sewaholic. So excited! Belated Christmas gift to me is fabric for this baby.

– I’d like to knit at least one “shirt”, and two cardigans. It’s so tempting to buy them off the rack because they are definitely WAY cheaper, but I’ve had so many wonderful patterns bookmarked on Ravelry for a few years now, and I really just need to dive in and get cracking. As of now the following on are my hit list:

Peanut Butter


The Elfin Cardi 

                                                Litte Lace Vest

Buuuuut… that could very well change or be added to at any given moment! My problem with knitting is once I start on a project, I don’t want to sleep until I finish! Hence the beauty of smaller pieces = more sleep :)

– I’d like to blog more regularly too… although I definitely know with everything else going on that is perhaps the loftiest goal of all! Besides… less time spent blogging means more time spent creating.

– Which ties into my last resolution: it’s all about balance! My motto for 2012.

All the best to everyone for a great year ahead  :)


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