Jackets Galore.

I know I don’t have any news on the Minoru Jacket front (big plans to tackle this beauty in the upcoming week) I can say that I’m DETERMINED to have it finished before my birthday: 18 days to go!.


However, in classic me fashion and getting ahead of myself, I had to write to share what I’ll be doing right AFTER I finish the Minoru.

Namely, this.

Oddly enough, the color the model is wearing is the color I’ve chosen for my Minoru … love me some jewel tones! So I’m envisioning the Abbey in something more neutral – tan? I’ve been craving a tan jacket for quite some time now.

In any case, this coat gets a big thumbs up from this girl. While the Minoru is going to be my go-to casual/classic jacket, this will be my new dressy fall/winter coat. Let’s be realistic, probably winter 2013 at the rate I sew. I’m salivating. I already have several of Jamie Christina’s patterns, and love them; this one is no different!

Click, click, purchase. Happy early birthday to Ashlee :)



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