No, no, it’s not the Minoru. Not yet. I don’t know why but I’m dragging my feet with this jacket! My birthday has come and gone and I still haven’t finished it, so the new goal is to have it done this month in order to be able to wear my spring jacket while it’s actually SPRING. Fingers crossed!

I have however broken the post-Christmas dry spell of no sewing. While I have set up shop with my new machine, (courtesy of Boyfriend Smash!), I was under a time constraint for this project so I didn’t want to have to fiddle around with the new machine and be stressed – so I used my trusty vintage Viking. More about the new machine (and my awesome sewing related birthday gifts!) soon.

One of my oldest friends is expecting (the first of all my friends to have babies, so it’s pretty exciting!). She recently celebrated her birthday and I knew I wanted to make her something … but what? Verdict? Diaper bag! Something stylish, modern, and functional that didn’t scream “diaper bag”. Working from a basic PDF tutorial and tweaking it big time along the way to make this bag completely custom and unique, I created this:

I’ll put it out there right now: I took these photos 2 seconds before leaving to meet her, and with my cell phone, so they’re not as great as I would have liked. But they give you the general idea!

This beauty boast nine pockets, including side bottle pockets that snap closed, as well as pockets and slots on the front and bag for blankets, etc

an attached key fob that disappears into a front pocket
stroller straps that tuck into the bag when not in use
a removeable cross body strap with sliding pad

and an inner zipper pocket with a pretty printed fabric.

I also made a matching diaper pouch that can be thrown in the big bag, or a smaller purse. It has pockets for wipes, diapers, and the change pad that I made.The fabric is a lovely upholstery blend of grey, woven ever so slightly with a light blue. These photos definitely don’t do it justice! 

I’m proud of this bag. It is definitely the most complex accessory I’ve sewn, what with the bag hardware and heavy-duty construction. That’s another reason I wanted to stick with the Viking on this one: I KNOW it can handle sewing through leather, so I wasn’t worried about the heavy layers of fabric. I’m hoping the new Kenmore will stand up to its’ predecessor!

All in all, this bag turned out wonderfully, and my girlfriend was absolutely thrilled to receive it as a gift. It turned out to be perfect timing, as she had been shopping around for a bag and was beginning to resign herself that she’d have to pay big bucks for a less than awesome bag. Problem solved! Best part is, once she is done lugging diapers around, it will be equally as functional as a purse, or a laptop bag. And what new Mum isn’t going to love multi-purpose? :) I’m even contemplating one for myself, if I ever get around to finishing my Minoru. Priorities, I know!


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