Completed: Minoru! Finally!

After procrastinating for oh … three months (!!), I’ve finally completed my Minoru. As luck would have it, the weather has suddenly gotten ridiculously warm for this time of year, so of course I haven’t been able to wear it lest I garner plenty of weird looks for wearing a jacket while everyone else is rocking shorts and tank tops. Go figure. I even whipped up a headband and cowl to match my jacket, and was quite ready to sport my super cute spring ensemble, but no such luck!

Edit: Miraculously, the weather turned crappy and cold again, so I’ve been happily wearing my jacket everywhere I go. It fits like a dream, and plans for #2 are already in the works!

In any case, once I actually sat down to sew, this project moved along quite quickly! It’s really unfortunate that I hate cutting and tracing so much, because I could have easily finished this puppy months ago. I digress. I only had to use the seam ripper twice, and both were because I got ahead of myself and didn’t read the directions.

(Topped off with a cowl and earwarmer knit by yours truly!)

This pattern is very well-written, and makes me excited to crack into the other Sewaholic pattern that I’ve got, the Renfrew shirt! There were a few spots where I wasn’t 100% clear on the directions; fortunately a quick surf over to the SAL posts cleared up any confusion.

Things I love:
– no mods required on this! which is surprising because I have long arms; LOVE where the cuffs fall. I cut a 10, and it was perfect all around. No FBA required, either!
– the color selection!!
– the hideaway hood and extra large collar
– let’s talk about the slight elastic gathering around the waist = genius!

Things I’m not crazy about:
– the lining fabric I chose; it’s very flimsy and runs quite easily. I fell for the polk dots, what can I say??
– the finishing job I did on the back of the hood, I got a bit lazy and it shows on the inside … but that will be my little secret!
– the hood not being lined; I might add a lining should I make another one with a hood. I don’t like the raw seam showing, even though it’s serger-finished.

The only thing I added to this pattern is side pockets. Girl needs her side pockets! I also omitted the velcro portion on the inner pocket and kept it like a mini sleeve pocket.

(Lining! Love the polka dots)

Boyfriend Smash took these shots for me. He has a thing for “candid” photos and proclaims he doesn’t like taking “posed” pictures. I protested that I’m trying to take good photos of the finished product (that, and I want to look decent if I’m putting up photos on the www, come on now)… so we have to reach a happy medium, because of 22 snaps he took only 3 were usable and guess what? They were all posed. Here’s a “candid” one … hehehe. Bless his heart :)

Plans for another? Why yes, absolutely. I’ve already ordered the fabric! The lining of this jacket got me thinking how fabulous it’d look on the outside, so here’s what Minoru #2 will be made out of, most likely with a purple or hot pink lining:

Of course, this is on the backburner until the below gets finished as a birthday shirt for my baby bro :)


4 thoughts on “Completed: Minoru! Finally!

  1. LOL re: your comment on my blog…can’t beat a polka dot lining… an excellent choice!
    Your Minoru looks great too…Look forward to seeing your Miinoru 2 with that b+w fabric – I’m a sucker for b+w….and a ‘hot’ colour lining will look, well, hot! (:)

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  3. I’m thinking of finally making a Minoru (I’ve been saying this for a year but can’t justify another jacket!) but mostly, YES on the men not taking the right shots. It took about 1 year for me to get my husband trained to take the photos *I* want, but in all fairness he has created some really awesome shots himself. But the candid ones of me adjusting the garment? They go in the trash right away.

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