Finished: Birthday Button-up for Baby Bro

As my brothers get older, they become increasingly difficult to buy gifts for. They ask for socks, beer, and nothing else. That gets boring pretty quickly (at least, for me!). This year, I decided to whip up a button-up shirt for my youngest bro using a basic McCall’s pattern I bought on clearance.

This was also an opportunity to put the latest addition to my team to work; my serger. It’s official, I am no longer afraid of it, and very excited to hammer out knit pieces with it. It’s a speed demon and the professional finishing is a great touch.

I started this project several weeks ago, thinking that I would be organized and have it done well in advance; however 5 o’clock this evening (dinner being at 6) found me frantically sewing buttons on … buttons I had to cut off of one of Boyfriend Smash’s dress shirts (he offered, to be fair), since the ones I had weren’t working and the stores were closed. Oops! In any case, it was a perfect fit which is great for future reference, and he had no idea it was handmade. He loved it, and check out how handsome he looks in it! :)
The fabric was a nice lightweight cotton plaid, but had the feel of a seersucker. The button plackets and collar are lightly interfaced, and there is one patch pocket. Otherwise it’s a very basic pattern. I omitted the button at the very top of the collar because I knew he wouldn’t button it up all the way. Also because while I used the auto-button hole thingamajiggy for the first time with the new Kenmore and was largely successful, there were also several curse words that were let loose at the beginning :)
This pattern offers short and long-sleeve variations, which is nice; I think that for the next birthday shirt (in August – I’m starting next week, haha) I’ll go with a cowboy yoke styling for something a lil’ different.

All in all, I’ll definitely make this pattern again. The best part of giving it to him was when he was trying it on and yelled out “is this a women’s shirt?!?!” … I unknowingly put the button placket on the wrong side. Quite frankly I didn’t even know there was a difference in that regard between men’s and ladie’s shirts but … watching him struggle to button it up clearly told another story and everyone got a good laugh. Lesson learned!

Now it’s time to dive into the below fabrics for some spring shirts for MOI!


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