It’s heeeeeere! Almost.

It’s almost here, folks. Warmer weather (hopefully), sunshine (fingers crossed), birds chirping, brighter dispositions from most, May Long Weekend and the subsequent return of white pants and … 

Those mere three words send most of us who frequent the realm of sewing/knitting/crochet/upcylcing/etc. blogs into a tizzy, it’s true. What is “Me Made May”, you ask?

If you’re reeeeeeeeeally interested in the logistics of it, Zoe, the creator of it all, does an excellent job breaking it down in her explanatory post here. If you just want the lowdown, here’s the scoop! Essentially, people take a pledge to wear something handmade (sewn, knit, upcycled, etc) every day, every other day, and what have you for the entire month of May. They take photos, blog, share stories, trade patterns, and overall use this opportunity to either expand their handmade wardrobe, dive into the pool of making your own clothing/accessories, and show off their personal style and finished pieces to the world!

I participated in Me Made June last year, and it was a great first experience in getting my feet wet. This year, I’m determined to be more consistent. While I didn’t pledge to wear something handmade every day, (I went with every other day to allow myself a lil’ breathing room), I’m going to try my darndest… which segues into the second project I’ve got going on right now: 4 tops by April 22 for the Spring Top Sewalong hosted over at Made by Rae! The fabrics and patterns (I’m thinking Colette’s Sorbetto, Grainline’s Tiny Pocket tank, Sewaholic’s Renfrew, and some kind of blousy tee-shirt a la Cotton&Curls square tee…) are chosen, now all I need is a solid, uninterrupted day to hole myself up in the sewing studio and actually SEW! Wishful thinking, right?

Oh, and in the meantime, I have plans to finally finish hemming my Minoru. Right now, it’s just basted, because sometimes I’m a cheater like that :)


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