One Day of Me Made May (in July!)

I can’t believe the whole month of May whizzed by and I wore next to NOTHING handmade! Here’s to next year being much, much better. I guess I bit off more than I could chew, what with trying to get two gardens going, training for a half marathon… and spending much more time knitting/crocheting than in front of my machine. Not to mention, getting outside for camping, cabin-ing, swimming, and soaking up the summer. Time sure flies!

I did manage to finish ONE piece in May however, and wear it to a very special event. Friends had a lovely Sunday wedding over the long weekend; the setting was perfect: sunshine and nary a cloud in sight with the weather in the balmy 20s. I’d had the fabric for this particular dress sitting around for a few months; naturally I didn’t start to cut it out until 4 days prior. Lesson learned: won’t be doing that again! I managed to finish this dress ONE hour before the wedding started… talk about the eleventh hour…

Pattern: Cynthia Rowley 2178, version A
Fabric: Unsymmetrical black & white polka dot in a poly chiffon
Size cut: 12, with some mods to the hip/bust area

Did I love this pattern? I think I would have loved it more had I a) started sooner and b) chosen a different fabric. This fabric was HELL to work with. I don’t think I’m sworn so much in my life! It shifted around a lot during the cutting portion, didn’t take to pinning very well, and seemed to stretch unevenly. The left shoulder strap was really hard to fit (in my opinion), every time I tried it on it seemed to have a little too much gap. I eventually ended up pinning it the day of, and will adjust it prior to wearing the dress again.

Fortunately once it was sewn up and on, the above frustrations didn’t show!

I can say the finished product has great drape and swing. I’m a big fan of my hand-stitched hem (even though I wouldn’t reccomend doing it last minute like I did, lots of bloody fingers!), and the invisible zipper was easy to install thanks to this great tutorial (look Ma, no invisi zip foot required!). The fabric had just the right amount of give and was super comfortable to wear for 10+ hours. I wish I had gotten a few more photos of the dress in action, but I was busy dancing the night away!

I would really like to give this pattern another whirl in something a little  more stable … maybe some summery eyelet, or sateen?


It’ll have to wait in any case. Another wedding is on the horizon, which means another dress! Well … it was supposed to mean another dress. I had hoped to get the jump start on this puppy for a wedding this upcoming Saturday, but working with chiffon is tedious at best and even though I found a great tutorial for finishing the perfect baby hem – my time frame was too tight. Alas! I have a wedding at the end of August; here’s hoping this bad boy will be complete (second row, dress on the right)!

Finally, to round off the wedding season, I’ll hopefully be sporting a Cambie dress to a friend’s wedding in mid-September…  Love, love, love all the Sewaholic patterns, and how sweet is this dress?!?! The pattern was just recently released and there are already so many beautiful versions popping up. I really love being able to support a fellow Canadian, too :)

 In non-sewing related news, my Miette sweater is coming along nicely! I wanted to have it done for the end of the month but the stocking stitch, while easy to do, gets a lil monotonous so I had to put it aside for a bit and started working on a blanket. I swear, I have about 20 WIPS stashed all over the house… good think Boyfriend Smash is patient.


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