The River

Lately I’ve been on a free-forming, DIYing it sewing kick. I wanted to take a break from total pattern sewing, so I’ve been using a few existing articles of clothing I have as inspiration and going from there. This particular item stemmed from a great workout sweatshirt I already have and love – only this baby wasn’t for me. Instead I whipped it up for a girlfriend who loves Garth Brooks, and has recently developed a love for running. You need a great sweatshirt when you’re out running the hills, right? The actual sewing portion took about 30 minutes tops, as the neckline was left raw and everything else was encased with ribbing. Four pieces of fabric to cut, people! Total cost was a whopping $12… hey big spender.

I used a fabric paint and the freezer paper stencil method to create the words. Basically I freehanded in my cursive writing “Chance the rapids” onto the freezer paper, cut it out with an exacto, and then ironed the freezer paper onto my sweatshirt fabric once the top was sewn up (keeping in mind to place some cardboard in between the layers of fabric!). This took three coats, and I let them dry an hour in between and overnight to set. “Chance the rapids” is a part of a line from Garth Brooks’ song The River. Great song, great lyrics, great workout shirt!



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