Summer tee / Knits, knits, knits

Finally, some sewing for ME! Last day of May, and this puppy was whipped up just in time for the Knit Stashbusting Challenge.

This might be my go-to piece for the warmer months. Quick, easy, and super satisfying… just how I like it! Pattern is the Summer Concert Tee from Dixie DIY. It’s a PDF download, great price, and was very simple to put together & follow. There is so much room for creative design in regards to fabric, embellishment, longer sleeves, no sleeves… the sky is the limit! I whipped my first tee up in a bamboo cotton in this absolutely gorgeous teal color I’ve had lying around. I only had a meter, so I didn’t know what I was going to use it for. That’s what happens when you buy something based on the color with no project in mind! I had to get creative with cutting and pattern placement, but I slashed the back portion and have my fabric running in two different directions, and it worked. I literally used almost every last scrap of this fabric to make the tee work. So glad I did because I’ve been wearing it non stop! More to come as soon as I can load up on more knits. Stripes, florals… yum.


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