Today Ashley of ChunkyKnitz is generously giving away not one, but two knit items! Three, if you want to get technical.

First up is a gorgeous knit twisted headwrap and a cozy crocheted cowl. Second item to go to a lucky winner is a color-worked beanie topped with a yarn pom pom. This item is sized small, so perfect for the little lady in your life.

Crocheting had come easily to Ashley of ChunkyKnitz but knitting had always eluded her. What started out as an experiment to see if knitting was in the cards for her, she quickly became obsessed with all things knit. Trying different fibres, tools, techniques, and patterns, she continues to grow and challenge herself.
ChunkyKnitz on Etsy opened in January 2014 and with the addition of social media, its popularity continues to grow as do the networking opportunities with other awesome makers.
Visit ChunkyKnitz on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest @ChunkyKnitz and Twitter @ChunkyKnitz_204.

And in order to enter the draw, click here!


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