All I Want for Christmas …

The only thing on my Christmas list this year? A request for more time. In a day, in a month, in a year. So many projects on my to do list (both that I want to do, and have to do), and not nearly enough time! Which got me wondering; if I had less “stuff”, would I have more time to focus on the things I really enjoy? Less stuff means less cleaning/maintenance/energy spent thinking about it, right?

Then I read this article.

It really resonated with me. Having moved several times in the past few years, I’ve gotten really tired of lugging stuff around, only to pack it into boxes for storage in our new house. What’s the point?  So, slowly and surely over the next few weeks (because what better time than right before Christmas?), I’m going to be scrutinizing the stuff in our house, and playing hardball. I know that I’m happier and more creative when the space around me is tidy and organized, so I would think the same thing stands for items that aren’t being used but are packed away and taking up space – mentally and literally.

This time of year especially, I have an inordinate amount of items lying around, as I’m gearing up for one of the  local markets I participate in. November 27/28 at the Winnipeg Vineyard Center, Smash Knits will be a part of the Third and Bird Christmas Market. It’s a great mishmash of local artisans, complete with delicious food and drink, all supporting a great cause! Click here for more info.

Rightfully so, knitwear has been flying off the needles and hooks, nonstop. As a result my sewing machine is collecting dust and I’m chomping at the bit for the moment when things are peaceful and quiet and I can dive in to the myriad of patterns and projects I have bookmarked. That’s probably in 2020?

Until then, here’s a few things that have been going on in October/November…



For the past two months, pretty much every spare minute has been dedicated to knitting up a storm. This pile has been constantly growing. Sometimes, I just sit at marvel at all the cushy, cozy items that will soon be making their way to new homes.




Lots of cables and super chunky weight yarns in this year’s line up. Anyone else experiencing a love affair with Loops and Threads Cozy Wool?





This sweet little man joined the family last month. His name is Swanson, he is about 5 months old, and an absolute hurricane sweetheart. He spends a lot of time unraveling my yarn and biting my toes. Pretty adorable, I know. Swanson’s namesake is Ron Swanson, from Parks & Rec, which is Boyfriend Smash’s favorite actor. See pillow that I made below as an example of how deep his love goes …




Hopefully December will find me back behind the sewing machine, finishing up a few Christmas gifts and starting to tackle some fun summer dresses and bathing suits in preparation for Costa Rica in February 2016! We had our first snowfall/mini blizzard yesterday so the prospect of sunshine and coconut-scented sunscreen is especially tantalizing…


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