One Day of Me Made May (in July!)

I can’t believe the whole month of May whizzed by and I wore next to NOTHING handmade! Here’s to next year being much, much better. I guess I bit off more than I could chew, what with trying to get two gardens going, training for a half marathon… and spending much more time knitting/crocheting than in front of my machine. Not to mention, getting outside for camping, cabin-ing, swimming, and soaking up the summer. Time sure flies!

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Cynthia’s done it again!

I wanted to share, because I’m completely drooling over the two Spring patterns that dear, dear Cynthia Rowley has come up with … good thing Boyfriend Smash and I have some weddings on the calendar this year! So yummy, especially this one:

The second one isn’t too shabby either,I love the flowy detail and happen to have several appropriate fabrics in my stash (just never the time it seems). The rest of Simplicity’s Spring line has quite a bit to offer too, including a new line from a Project Runway designer! Choices, choices.

MMJ: Day 22

I’m getting a little behind in my posts, but better late than never. My outfit for yesterday, day 22 of Me Made June was definitely a cheater outfit. I had a cute skirt selected, complete with new strappy sandals, and then I awoke to rain, rain, and more rain. Added to the fact that it was cold out, and that I had two minutes to make a wardrobe change before leaving for work, and this is what I came up with.

** after seeing this photo – I realize the tunic top needs some altering. It was another clearance rack find ($4!), but it definitely needs to be brought in a little bit at the sides and armpits so that it looks less sloppy! **
The goods:
Infinity scarf – Me Made!
Eyelet tank – Old Navy
Jeans – Warehouse One
Sandals – Roxy
Earrings – Le Chateau

Hours worn:

Places visited: Work, dinner with bf.

Main activities: Working … watching the NHL Awards on TV… not by choice :)

Wear again? Yes! I’ve worn this scary so many times and love it more each time. It’s so fun! 

I also have a dress cut out of the scarf fabric that I need to get around to putting together…  It’s this Cynthia Rowley pattern, and I’m interested to see how it will turn out. Just as soon as I feel brave enough to tackle an invisible zipper.

I really love working with jersey. It’s simple and forgiving, so you can’t go wrong. Next up on my list is a few of these necklaces, in a bright coral!

MMJ: Day Fourteen

I am not in love with today’s outfit – just putting it out there! Initially I had planned to wear a skirt today in order to change things up a little, however it proved to be just a little too short to wear to work. It has finally happened – I’m coming to the end of my finished pieces, so I may have to start recycling items next week. 16 days to go! Continue reading

MMJ: Day Ten – (re)Fashion Friday Round Two!

Today’s refashion turned out great! I was inspired by two looks I’m really liking right now: paper bag skirts, as well as any and everything madras print.

So I went on the hunt at Value Village to find a men’s shirt that I could turn into a skirt. I lucked out and found a Ralph Lauren collared shirt for a whopping 5 dollars. I cut off the shirt at the armpits, and went to town. In the process of construction I decided to skip out on the paper waist, and created a button tab waistband instead. Now I can undo the top and second top buttons, slide it on, and away I go! The rest of the buttons have been sewn shut so there’s no embarrassing ‘flashing the crowd” moments.

The goods:
Skirt – Me Made (refashioned) men’s dress shirt
Embellished tee – Joe Fresh
Suede sandals – Franco Sarto (haven’t worn these bad boys in YEARS!)
Belt – Ardene’s

Hours worn:
10 hours

Places visited: Hanging around home, walk around the neighborhood with the dog, dinner with the boyfriend, wine and hockey with friends.

Main activities: See above. Lazy day :)

Wear again? Yes! The waistband ended up being a little snugger than I anticipated, but that’s easily solved by wearing the skirt a little higher. Not only that, but it’s motivation to continue working out!