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Quick Projects = Instant Gratification

While my previous post was about planned projects, organized sewing, and the benefits of stitching out of season, this post veers to the other end of the spectrum.  I have come to realize that I really enjoy interspersing my longer clothing projects with small, quickie items. These are not only a break from more involved pattern reading and construction, but allow for instant gratification in a time crunch. And who isn’t all about instant gratification in today’s society? :) Continue reading

Time Management and Project Lists

I’m a list person. At least, in theory I am. I love making them, and daydream about methodically checking things off one by one. But sometimes, what starts out as a well-intentioned plan to work my way down a list ends abruptly when something else diverts my attention. Such as adding another project. Or five. The important thing is, I keep making ’em, and I know one day I’ll get through them!
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