MMJ: Day Fifteen

It’s dreary outside today! The past couple of days have been very humid and muggy and I think the weather has gotten to me a little bit. Wasn’t feeling particularly motivated today, so it’s time for another semi-cheat.

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MMJ: Day Fourteen

I am not in love with today’s outfit – just putting it out there! Initially I had planned to wear a skirt today in order to change things up a little, however it proved to be just a little too short to wear to work. It has finally happened – I’m coming to the end of my finished pieces, so I may have to start recycling items next week. 16 days to go! Continue reading

MMJ: Day Thirteen

Three time’s a charm! Today’s item is the third knit piece I’ve made in the past week. Suffice to say, I am a convert. When I took up sewing again a few years ago, the prospect of stretchy fabrics really daunted me. Now I’ve realized that as long as you use a proper needle and proper tension, it’s smooth sailing and MUCH faster in terms of hemming and finishing seams. Much more forgiving of flaws and errors, too.

The question for today: would you rather pay $60 for this tank top from J Crew…

or $2 for the one I made?!

Following a tutorial from 3 Sweet P’s, I used a tank I already had with a racer back as a template. The tutorial calls for raw edges, but I did bias tape binding because I like a more finished look. I looooove the ruffles! Such a simple addition, but they really make the tank stand out. This fabric was great to work with seeing as how all the stitching is basically invisible. The great news is I still have over a meter left … what to make next?

The goods:
Tank top – Me Made!
Jeans – Warehouse One
Cardi – Old Navy
Kitten heels – Target
Bangle – Reitman’s
Earrings – gifted

Hours worn:

Places visited: Work.

Main activities: Working …

Wear again? Yes. Sides may have to be taken in slightly – the fabric stretches quite a bit. All in all, success!