MMJ: Day Seven

Week one is complete! I can’t believe there are still 21 days left in this challenge… it’s going to be tough, but I’m having a great time thus far. I spent some of today finishing up a few more items for the week ahead, lounged around and watched some girly day time TV, and had more beach volleyball in the evening. I had initially planned to get in a training run for the half marathon I’m running in a few weeks (June 19th is D Day!), but the weather has been very fickle and raining off and on so I didn’t feel up to schlepping 11 miles in the wet cold.

Since the majority of my day was spent hunched over my sewing machine, which is in our often chilly¬†basement, ¬†I wanted to wear something comfy and cozy. Enter today’s outfit:

The goods:
Draped cardigan – Me Made!
Tank top – Dynamite
Jeans – Warehouse One
Scarf – Christmas gift from Mum
Wooden bracelet – Le Chateau
Belt – vintage, thrifted
Slippers! (not pictured)

Hours worn: 7 hours

Places visited: Home :)

Main activities: sewing, watching TV, eating a great dinner made by the boyfriend, dish duty!

Number of times I have worn this item: First time (I know, I’m having a lot of firsts this month). I definitely want to make more – SOOOOO cozy!

Wear again? You betcha.


MMJ: Day Six

Today was a bit of a challenge for me, in more ways than one! Last night as I was finishing up the item I’d planned to wear today, my sewing machine went kaput. After spending hours hunched over it trying to figure out what was wrong, I went to the forums to ask all the great people participating in MMJ for help. Continue reading