Sewing? What’s that?

I haven’t been doing much of it lately … unless we count the 30 second baby blanket I whipped up the other day. Nope, my time has been strictly all knitting, all the time. A lil’ crochet, too. I know I’ve mentioned it a few times, but the 1st annual Winnipeg Etsy Street Team Handmade & Vintage Sale is a mere 14 days away! Wahoo! So I’ve been gearing up for that, along with some photo-shooting on the side for my shop … here’s a glimpse :)

Certainly looking forward to the New Year when I can get back into sewing more seriously … and for that matter, my New Year’s resolution is to sew more selfishly! Yes, I am aware I attempted that for this year but … all I can do is keep trying :)



Some exciting news that brightened up my cold and blustery Saturday: one of my pieces was just featured in the daily Etsy Finds Newsletter, which is the daily Etsy shopping guide. Pretty big deal (for this girl anyhow), to be featured in a large, worldwide newsletter. Woo hoo! Slide down to the “Headbands” section, and voila!

The piece in question? One of my favorites, the big bow earwarmer …

Not a fan of the mustard? It’s available in twenty different colors! Simply hop over to my shop and pick your poison :)

One Day of Me Made May (in July!)

I can’t believe the whole month of May whizzed by and I wore next to NOTHING handmade! Here’s to next year being much, much better. I guess I bit off more than I could chew, what with trying to get two gardens going, training for a half marathon… and spending much more time knitting/crocheting than in front of my machine. Not to mention, getting outside for camping, cabin-ing, swimming, and soaking up the summer. Time sure flies!

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And we’re off … to a slow start.

The Minoru Jacket Sew-a-Long that I’ve mentioned a few times starts TODAY over at Sewaholic.I have been chomping at the bit for this to start ever since I received my pattern in the mail back in late November. Buuuuuut, I left it to the last minute to select my fabric, and as a result didn’t make it to the store this weekend and am as such currently sans fabric to cut out tonight. Continue reading

I Resolve …

Happy New Years, everyone!

I thought I’d start 2012 off with a bang and dive right into things with a lofty list of my *hopeful* sewing accomplishments for the year ahead. I’ve already decided to break one of my resolutions, here’s crossing my fingers I stick to the rest. :)
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