Jackets Galore.

I know I don’t have any news on the Minoru Jacket front (big plans to tackle this beauty in the upcoming week) I can say that I’m DETERMINED to have it finished before my birthday: 18 days to go!.

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Oh my…

So I know Lauren over at Lladybird does an awesome job picking apart all the ridiculous patterns that Vogue releases… and I just stumbled across this one while doing some window shopping and instantly thought “What would Lauren say about THIS one?!” Yes technically it’s a McCall’s pattern, but they’re affiliated/sister sites with Vogue and… yes.

Are there even words? Oi. What a mess.

While the patterned vinyl one shown in the alternate photos is passeable and could probably even be pretty cute… WHY would I spend precious time sewing something so ghastly as clear vinyl? It boggles the mind, I’m telling you.

On the topic of coats …. hoping to finally get cracking on my Minoru this week! Maybe I’ll be able to catch up and join the rest of the SAL!