Newborn Props – Photo Mania!

About a month ago, I had an opportunity to do a swap with a super talented superMum turned photographer whom I went to high school with. So many years ago… She’s a few provinces away, so all of these lovelies were shipped off to her with TLC, and in return, the following absolutely gorgeous photos were created! Big thanks to Karlee of Love + Light Photography for the beautiful photographs. All items can now be found in my Etsy shop :) Hurray for new babies … how can you not oooooh and aaaaah?



Sewing? What’s that?

I haven’t been doing much of it lately … unless we count the 30 second baby blanket I whipped up the other day. Nope, my time has been strictly all knitting, all the time. A lil’ crochet, too. I know I’ve mentioned it a few times, but the 1st annual Winnipeg Etsy Street Team Handmade & Vintage Sale is a mere 14 days away! Wahoo! So I’ve been gearing up for that, along with some photo-shooting on the side for my shop … here’s a glimpse :)

Certainly looking forward to the New Year when I can get back into sewing more seriously … and for that matter, my New Year’s resolution is to sew more selfishly! Yes, I am aware I attempted that for this year but … all I can do is keep trying :)