After staring long and hard at the mass that is my scrap collection, I went on the hunt for quick and clever projects to bookmark. Hopefully (fingers crossed!) I will visit them frequently over the winter in an attempt to diminish said stash. Here’s my top ten (thus far): Continue reading


Another Quickie … and a new family member!

In keeping with my quickie project theme, I whipped up a couple of these for the felines in our home. I thought it would be a good way to tackle a little bit of my ridiculous scrap collection, and it would only take a few short minutes and give the cats something new to play with.

Yes, cats, plural. Boyfriend Smash and I have adopted a second furry feline.

His name is Percy and we rescued him from the “mean” streets of our neighborhood. He’s almost identical to cat #1 Zeph, and blends in well with the family. Top off the animals with Marls, and we’ve got the three stooges. Percy does have a habit of wandering off for a few days at a time and then coming home ravenous, so he’s somewhat like a wayward teenager in that respect.

The cats loved the toys (naturally, they’re filled with catnip), and I was satisfied in finishing a project in under 30 minutes. However, this led me to the realization that:

A) I really need to organize my scraps.
B) I have WAY too many scraps.
C) I need to complete more projects with my scraps!

Anyone have any other projects bookmarked as their go-to scrapbusting ideas? I’m all ears :)