Mexico Recap …

Wow! I officially stink at keeping up to date with documenting my finished projects. Mexico has come and gone, almost three months ago (!!) and I’ve yet to show off all the pieces I frantically made in the last week before I hit the beach. Since I was too busy reading, swimming, celebrating and getting in as much beach volleyball as possible, I don’t have any photos of the pieces in action… but here are some highlights:


Self drafted elastic waist shorts, faux drawstring… some type of broadcloth I snagged for $2.99. Can’t complain!



Jaime Christina’s Sunny Day Dress pattern. This was made for the bride, in a gorgeous, (gorgeous!) voile, and it resulted in a lovely draped dress with the perfect amount of swing. Need to make one for myself, next!



Again for the bride,  Grainline Studio’s Tiny Pocket Tank in leftover voile. Great staple/layering piece. I have a few of these cut out for myself.



For me! Greenstyle’s Lacy Sloped T-shirt, in a tissue weight floral knit. Unfortunately, rookie move – forgot to wash the fabric before I stitched it up… and it will now fit someone’s 5 year old child. Ooops.


elise tee

The Elise tee, a free pattern from Fine Motor Skills. I have several more of these to take photos of – I love the fit of this shirt and it whips up in under an hour. I leave most hem lines raw, since using a thinner weight fabric means the hem rolls in on itself anyways.




Not handmade, but equally wonderful – a Nine West floppy beach hat I received from a girlfriend for my birthday in February. It got a lot of action, and saved my face!




Your suitcase isn’t complete without some handy zippy bags … right?! I had this fabric in my stash, whipped up a couple of these for the bride to give to her bridesmaids full of little goodies :)

Now I suppose I should get around to making a Bombshell before the summer is over.. and a Cambie, and a Laurel, and…


The River

Lately I’ve been on a free-forming, DIYing it sewing kick. I wanted to take a break from total pattern sewing, so I’ve been using a few existing articles of clothing I have as inspiration and going from there. This particular item stemmed from a great workout sweatshirt I already have and love – only this baby wasn’t for me. Instead I whipped it up for a girlfriend who loves Garth Brooks, and has recently developed a love for running. You need a great sweatshirt when you’re out running the hills, right? The actual sewing portion took about 30 minutes tops, as the neckline was left raw and everything else was encased with ribbing. Four pieces of fabric to cut, people! Total cost was a whopping $12… hey big spender.

I used a fabric paint and the freezer paper stencil method to create the words. Basically I freehanded in my cursive writing “Chance the rapids” onto the freezer paper, cut it out with an exacto, and then ironed the freezer paper onto my sweatshirt fabric once the top was sewn up (keeping in mind to place some cardboard in between the layers of fabric!). This took three coats, and I let them dry an hour in between and overnight to set. “Chance the rapids” is a part of a line from Garth Brooks’ song The River. Great song, great lyrics, great workout shirt!